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Stairlift Care When Unused for Extended Period

Discover the best ways to maintain your Bruno stair lift and battery when planning to be away from home for an extended period of time. 

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Mr. Stairlift: How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost?

Mr. Stairlift explains all the different factors that go into stair lift pricing.

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Mr. Stairlift: How Long Does Stairlift Installation Take?

Mr. Stairlift explains how long Bruno stair lift installs take and what you can expect on the day of installation.

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Mr. Stairlift: How Are Stairlifts Powered?

Mr. Stairlift explains how Bruno stair lifts are powered and charged in your home.

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Mr. Stairlift: Will A Stairlift Fit My Staircase?

Mr. Stairlift explains how a Bruno stair lift will fit your needs and your staircase.

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Mr. Stairlift: How Can I Personalize My Stairlift?

Learn how you can personalize a stair lift with customizable options to best meet your needs.

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Mr. Stairlift: Can I Install a Stairlift Myself?

Learn why stair lift installation by a factory-trained technician is your best option.

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Bruno’s New Elan Stair Lift Now Available

Bruno’s Elan, the most popular Made-in-the-USA indoor straight stairlift, is now even better.

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Mr. Stairlift: How Are Stairlifts Installed?

Stair lift expert, Matt Capelle, explains how Bruno stairlifts are secured to your staircase.

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Which Stair Lift Manufacturer is the Best?

According to online customer stair lift reviews, Bruno is the best stairlift manufacturer for five key reasons:

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