Mr. Stairlift: Can I Install a Stairlift Myself?

Learn why stair lift installation by a factory-trained technician is your best option.

For those who are “handy” or have friends or family blessed with mechanical skills, it’s a first instinct to turn things into “do-it-yourself” projects. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about quality and doing it “right.”

Ensuring things are “done right,” however, is the primary reason behind Bruno requiring factory-trained technicians to install its stair lifts. Stair lifts glide people with mobility challenges up and down a staircase safely. There’s no margin of error. Bruno dealers are required to have technicians receive hands-on training at Bruno headquarters in Wisconsin, and they are required to be recertified every three years.

The factory-trained technicians at Bruno dealers are knowledgeable in installing stair lifts in different types of staircases and for people with varying degrees of mobility. They’re able to precisely install each chairlift to keep you or your loved one safe for years into the future.

In addition, having a Bruno factory-trained technician install your new stair lift ensures the factory warranty stays intact. Since Bruno stair lifts offer the best comprehensive warranty in the industry, that’s another great benefit!

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