Mr. Stairlift: How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost?

Mr. Stairlift explains all the different factors that go into stair lift pricing.​

Finding a way to overcome climbing stairs can be the difference between staying in your family home, and moving or significant remodeling. Installing a stairlift is an affordable, easy, solution that requires no structural impact or inconvenience.

Most staircases in North America are straight, often up to a second-floor bedroom or down to a lower-level laundry. The average Bruno straight stairlift starts at approximately $3,000, installed.  

While most people find the standard features of Bruno’s popular indoor stairlift model, the Elan, meets their needs, some choose to pay additional dollars to customize the chairlift. For example, a power swivel seat or power footrest can replace the standard manual version. In addition, some choose to invest in Bruno’s luxury-level straight stairlift, the Elite, which offers a 400-lb lift capacity and high-end styling and performance.

Bruno curved stairlifts are custom-crafted by skilled fabricators and welders in Wisconsin and start at approximately $9,000. Factors such as complexity of staircase angles, overall length of staircase and optional customization additionally impact price.

A local Bruno dealer in your community will come to your home - free of charge - to measure your stairs, learn about your specific needs and give an exact quote for a Bruno stair lift.

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