Which Stair Lift Manufacturer is the Best?

According to customer reviews, Bruno is the best stairlift manufacturer for five key reasons.

1) Stair Lifts - Made in USA

Bruno stairlifts are engineered and manufactured in Oconomowoc, WI, with over 80 percent of the stair lift supply chain sourced in America. By manufacturing stairlifts in the USA and securing domestic suppliers, Bruno is able to closely monitor quality control to ensure only the best-made stairlifts receive the Bruno name.

2) Best Stair Lift Reviews

Product reviews from verified customers are one of the best indicators of a company’s reputation and product’s reliability. Bruno stairlifts are the best-rated stairlifts in North America. Visit third-party review sites such as ConsumerAffairs and Trustpilot to read Bruno stairlift reviews for yourself.

3) Factory-Trained, Local Stairlift Dealers

Bruno stairlifts are sold, installed and serviced by factory-trained, local dealers. Bruno’s dealers are independently-owned businesses located in communities across North America and the globe. Bruno is proudly represented by the largest dealer network in the stairlift industry and is recognized for their best-in-class dealer training.

4) Custom-Crafted Curved Stair Lifts

In addition to the popular Bruno Elan straight indoor stairlift, Bruno is particularly renowned for custom-crafted curved rail stairlifts. Hand-crafting each curved rail takes additional time, talent and effort, but the precise fit to customer staircases and smooth ride from start to finish is unparalleled. Bruno’s custom curve, and straight stairlifts, are available for indoor and outdoor staircases.

5) Family Owned, Family Values

Founded by a U.S. Veteran, the third generation of the Bruno family is now employed at Bruno Independent Living Aids. For Bruno President Mike Bruno, II, accessibility is not just a business, it’s personal. Besides the manufacturing facility bearing the family name, Bruno products are found throughout his home to assist a family member with mobility challenges.