Bruno Introduces Innovative Scooter / Powerchair Lift

The new Bruno Out-Sider features innovations to help customers now and in the future.


Transport a mobility device behind your vehicle with Bruno’s new Out-Sider, ASL-275. The Out-Sider scooter and power wheelchair lift fits most SUVs, vans, trucks and crossover vehicles, and allows you to maintain all your interior seating and cargo space.

With a modular platform design, the Out-Sider scooter lift can be easily adjusted by a Bruno dealer to fit either a scooter or powerchair, giving confidence that the lift will be able to change with your future mobility needs.
“The Out-Sider is the only mobility device lift on the market with a platform and securement device that can be transformed to accommodate a scooter or powerchair. That ensures peace of mind that if you change your mobility device in the future, you don’t need to purchase a new platform lift,” explained Bruno’s Director of Sales Chuck Beno.

Bruno’s Out-Sider works with most mobility devices and vehicles and is easy to operate with a drive on/off platform and fully-powered operation at the push of a button. A securement device, specialized for either scooters or power chairs, locks the mobility device in place and a safety latch prevents unintentional platform lowering.

“The Out-Sider is both easy to use and features a second-to-none safety system that the platform and mobility device are both locked tightly in place,” noted Beno. “Safety is always our top priority when engineering our products.”

Numerous options are available for the Out-Sider scooter/powerchair lift, including the popular “Swing-Away” option which smoothly rotates the platform to the side to allow easy access to the vehicle’s cargo space.
Bruno’s full line of scooter and powerchair lifts - available for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and crossover vehicles - are all Made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized Bruno dealers.

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